Advantage Features

Inventory Management:

It is used to control the items, location and quantity of physical goods and track their movements providing a greater flexibility in sale of goods to customers and associated partners

Lead Management :

The Leads module provides the ability to create and keep track of the leads related to existing or prospect customers.

Ticketing System :

Ticket Management helps Service Providers improve service desk operations by automating and facilitating customer support, reducing time-to-resolution, provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for end-to-end customer problem resolution and delivering a superior customer experience.

Vouchers & Redemption:

Vouchers are an alternative “across module” way of paying an amount of money against an accounts receivable, i.e. crediting the accounts receivable in order to be consumed by the account owner either on products / services of his choice or on specific products / services denoted by the voucher itself.

Reseller Management:

When there is need to manage the wholesale delivery via the Resellers, We have build a superb module to handle the reseller so that they are given with exclusive rights to manage their customer and business with various model either commission or do a wholesale or with a credit control. Moreover they have an option to white label it.

My Account :

Selfcare to make the job of Back Office in some of the basic operation and enable their customer to view the status and make online payment / avail the service changes.

IP Management:

Dunning Management: Dunning is the process of how you handle the dues. It involves in sending reminders and communicating with your customers in response to failed credit card transactions, and what action you take when the subscription can’t be renewed.

Realtime Commission tracking at multi level to Partners / Content Providers

Asset Inventory and a Basic CMS for Media, VOD and OTT Platform